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Steps of the Comic Process

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Hello Friends!

Back in July of 2021 I started a Patreon page for my comic book project. I wanted to make the first story in a series of stories about Walby Brown and his dog Wilber.

(Panel from Walby’s Road Trip Adventure)


Since then I've been creating pages from the story and sharing them with my supporters on Patreon.

Now I'm working on the final pages of the book.

I can't wait to finish this story and publish my first comic book.


I've learned a lot through this process that will help improve my next projects, and I want to share that advice with others.

That's why I started my YouTube channel.

I'm hopping to post more videos that inspire people to make art.


I also want to use this blog so share updates about my project.

Here are some practice drawings I did of the Mayor of Maple Valley.

I find that it helps to draw a character a lot before I use them in a comic so I get used to how they look, otherwise the look of the character might change across the panels in the comic.


Here are some pictures that show the steps of the process of one of the comic panels from my book.




Shadows & Highlights

Thank you for reading this newsletter and being a part this project. I can't wait to share this first story with you!



If you like my comic project, here are a few ways you can support it:

  • buy something from my online shop

  • Join me on Patreon (where I post new comics every week)

  • mention my project to others

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